Superb Free Range Pork

You can buy our superb pork as whole or half pigs, although smaller quantities are almost always available: see our new availability page for details.

A standard half pig would comprise cuts and joints totalling at least 22kg.

Diced pork, minced pork, fillet, ribs, hocks, trotters, liver, kidney or any other part of the pig can be included for the adventurous cook!

To compliment our own high standard of care, all butchery is undertaken by local Master Butchers.

All cuts can be supplied whole or divided into your preferred sizes.

Loin Cut for chops or boned & rolled or bone-in or ½ chops, ½ boned & rolled
Leg Bone-in or boned & rolled
Belly Flat with ribs in or boned & rolled or sliced
Neck Cut for chops or boned & rolled
Shoulder Bone-in or boned & rolled